The field

The field is where it all begins. The land gives us everything. We are very aware of this and we put every effort in order to produce the best fruit. More than 50 years working in the cultivation of fruit give us a valuable experience. In addition, we incorporate to our working methods the newest technologies and techniques to obtain better results every day.

Constantly, we carry out a rigorous varietal updating plan to grow the best fruit varieties and the more adapted to our region. Our agricultural facilities and our working methods have been endorsed with the GlobalGAP quality certificate.

Goldenexport has several farms distributed in different regions, depending on the climate that best fits the varieties planted. The seed fruits, particularly apple and pear, are located in the region of Urgell and the Pla d’Urgell. Both areas widely recognized for the quality and tradition of these products. These farms close to the central preparation. We get approximately 1800 tons of apple and 600 tons of pear. Monitored daily by our technicians we ensure an agricultural product that meets all the requirements of the GlobalGAP certification, which we granted on all farms and ensuring a high quality and healthy fruits.

The stone fruit is distributed along the Ebro Valley, in the strip between Aragon and Catalonia. Stands out, among the various fruit farms, the one cultivated in Mequinensa. This is an area of 11ha planted in winter 2011 with early varieties of cherry and apricot. Taking advantage of the microclimate of the area obtained in Mequinensa, we will obtain fruit in late April and throughout May. This will give us the advantage of being able to offer these products to our customers much earlier than usual in our area (June or July).