presentacioGoldenexport is a family business founded in the 80s and dedicated to the cultivation, manufacture and sale of fresh fruit. The project has its roots in the agricultural tradition of our families, Carnicé Petit. In the early 80s the family had several lands cultivated with apple and pear trees. The desire to close the circle of fruit market led them to build a cold storage and also to start packaging fresh fruit in order to offer it to shops, markets and supermarkets.

In 2002 a commercial company (Copa Trading, SA) was founded in association with two companies to boost exports. This allows Goldenexport to offer their products in 4 of the 5 continents, with extensive experience in the European market, either in large retail chains or supermarkets. In recent years, South America, Africa and West Asia have been and are a real market for the growth of our brand.

Currently, Goldenexport is a consolidated business within the fruit panorama of Lleida and the Ebro Valley. We work pome fruit crops for flat Urgell and stone fruit on the Ebro Valley. Work 8,500 tonnes between stone fruit and seed fruit each year, and in our headquarters we can produce between 50 and 70 tons per day. Despite this considerable growth, we still have the same values ​​and principles that governed us over 30 years ago.

The desire to grow and continue to improve has not stop growing. That is why in Goldenexport we are always working on innovative projects. Several possible development paths, to excel in an industry with high competition. Times change, our climate, it has to try and risk: production in mountain areas, planting of leading varieties, or fields of testing products in our untapped agricultural area are the projects in which we are working on real way to get results tomorrow.