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From field to the table

Goldenexport offers all next fruit distributors the opportunity to purchase a product with proximity as hallmark. With this initiative we want to offer to the final client the added value that we have given to the product during the process of production.

This new form of cooperation between local producer and distributor also allows the reduction of intermediary actors and, therefore, lower economic and environmental costs associated with transportation and mobility. The proximity production model allows us to identify the needs and preferences of the client and subsequently to offer the product that demands. It also allows us to enhance the local varieties and traditional production methods. Production for proximity consumption allows us to preserve our identity and contribute to the survival of the country, agricultural and defending traditional values.

Improving the environment

Proximity fruit helps to improve the environment and tackle climate change. The short distance between the start of the production process to the final customer reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the transport of the goods. It also represents a significant reduction in expenditure plastic packaging. Thanks to the culture of fruit nearby, we empower local and traditional agriculture, fully integrated into the natural environment and without negative return on the environment.

Strengthening the local production

The philosophy of proximity product also helps to support our own and production and the producers in the area who work with us. This new approach to distribution allows us to add value to a product with a high quality: the fruit of Lleida, made by farmers who are part of our project for many years. We know how these farmers work and this allows us to ensure that the fruit they cultivate is a high quality product and friendly with the environment. In addition, the proximity fruit promotes the seasonal product. Consuming seasonal product allows us to save production costs and reduce energy consumption.

Producing to satisfy the more demanding client

The seasonal and proximity fruit allows us to enjoy the optimum ripeness, with the perfect taste and texture. The fruit sector has been neglected for many years to the end customer. The result has been fruit disaffection with the consequent decrease in consumption. The philosophy of the territory’s product tries to change these trends. It does not only ensures a fruit at its peak of flavour, but also ensures a product with the maximum nutritional value and the organoleptic properties intact.